Track: If you guys thought the kiss was BL

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September 16th 2014
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"I guess it’s all up to me.
Make myself happy. Pick myself up. Love and accept myself.
The first steps really begin with oneself." — Roses For Rei (via rosesforrei)
September 16th 2014
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September 16th 2014
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As a college student you’re either struggling academically, financially, or emotionally. Or all three.

September 16th 2014
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» Anonymous asked:

The way you write on here, you don't really sound like a sub.



Dude, what the hell is that supposed to mean? You mean I don’t sound like the stereotypical, romanticized version of a sub that you’ve read about in books or seen in a porno? Why? Because I curse? Because I use a capital “I”? Because I don’t take shit from people? I’m a real ass person, not a cardboard cutout fantasy. The fact that I identify as a submissive is only one aspect of my personality, it does not encompass all that I am. I purposely put on a strong public front to protect myself from creepos who would try to take advantage of me if I presented myself as a weak, helpless, vulnerable little sub. Naw man. That aspect of myself is something that I guard vigilantly. Only my partner, whom I trust implicitly gets to see that side of me. The bottom line is, there is no “right way” to be a sub. Everyone is different. They talk and write and act differently. It’s hella dumb to read someone’s blog and try to judge whether or not they “sound like a sub”. 


This is something I love both about my girl but also about the BDSM community in general. We embrace that each person has an individual experience with BDSM and will express their identity in a way unique to themselves. 

People with this attitude come off as jealous and incomplete, perhaps even at odds with what they are. I would like to take this moment to ask everyone out there to approach their asks with more respect toward other people. I don’t appreciate you coming out of nowhere just to talk some shit that you won’t even attach your username to, that is not acceptable, that is not how you treat others. Be aware, we are all human here, we all have feelings, and we all deserve to be approached with respect.